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Article: Area rugs for a White Room

Area rugs for a White Room

Area rugs for a White Room

The last time you walked into an all-white room did you feel comfortable or did you feel timid and scared to relax? White is one of those colors that many homeowners quite often seem to shy away from, as they are apprehensive about making an all-white room feel comfortable and welcoming. Nonetheless, white can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can stimulate purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication.

White looks and feels cozy in winter and beachy in summer, it’s clean and uplifting, and best of all, it’s incredibly easy to work with. If you enjoy the look of white spaces, but want to make sure your beautiful white rooms never come across as cold, clinical, or boring, read on because these great design tips are for you!

START WITH A BLANK SLATE Instead of getting intimidated by white, look at white as a fresh start to do whatever you want and go wherever your creative mind will take you. White rooms are an amazing way to find out what inspires and motivates your room’s decor. Do you have a breathtaking view of the ocean, trees, mountains or city? White is a gorgeous canvas to use as a backdrop for the outstanding scenery outside your space. Instead of submerging your whole room in a color (or multiple ones at that), try white and see what speaks to you and comes to mind.

Think of white as a canvas for color. If you’re like most design enthusiast, you are constantly changing up the look of your home fairly regularly, and using a white “base” can make this so much easier. For example, a white sofa, coffee table, walls, and shelving can provide the framework, while lavender and leopard print cushions can add a fun pop of color. This makes working with color super easy, because in such a small amount you can be quite bold and it will always work!

ADD TEXTURE If you prefer to keep things very monochromatic, that can completely work, too! The thing to remember is, the less color you have in a room, the more texture you should add. Think of gorgeously textured wood floors, fluffy rugs and sheepskins, natural fibers, and woven baskets. All of these things will help your eye acknowledge the space as warm, inviting, and interesting, even without any colour at all!

ADD A BOUQUET Add a bouquet! In our opinion, no white room should ever be without a small bouquet of flowers. Even a single bloom in a bud vase can add that much-needed pop of visual interest to any space.

USE WHITE IN YOUR MODERN OR TRADITIONAL KITCHEN The beauty of white is its multifaceted range to go from an ultra creamy white that pairs well with traditional and classical wooden kitchen cabinets with marble counters, to  ultra modern white varnish finish minimal kitchens with waterfall edge countertops. A variety of homeowners appreciate white in the kitchen because it feels clean and classic. Many kitchen appliance manufacturers now offer appliances in white as well.

DON’T BE HESITANT OF USING WHITE UPHOLSTERY You may be thinking that white upholstery is harder to keep clean or it shows dirt instantly. While this may be true, consider what type of room will match the fabric type for which you use it in. In living and family rooms with busy traffic for example – contemplate using faux leather and faux suedes, also khaki and white denim slipcovers are perfect for homes with pets and active kids. Don’t steer away from white because of the color – but instead, use fabric suitable for your busy home.

LET A PIECE OF ARTWORK BE THE MAIN FOCUS AMONGST WHITE One of the greatest assets of working with the color white is the ability to display your own personality and style in your interiors, without having to compete with the color on the walls, furniture and decor. If you are a fan of artwork, sculptural pieces, or any elements that command attention, consider showcasing it on an all-white wall, over an all-white fireplace mantle or over your all-white bed. All eyes will go right to your one-of-a-kind artwork without you having to try to show it off!

CHOOSE THE BEST SHADE OF WHITE FOR YOUR HOME DECOR There are hundreds of shades of white and all of them do not look like versions of beige! Every color in the spectrum has a white version of it. From pinks and yellows to greens and purples, there are underlying faint hints of color in a variety of whites. We suggest that you choose what furniture and decor your home has the majority of color in. Look to kitchen cabinets, flooring, countertops and tile in your bathroom for color cues on how to choose the best underlying colored white. There are several ‘ideal whites’ for every home.

LAYER TONE-ON-TONE WHITES FOR A WARMER ROOM If your room is lacking personality or warmth, consider layering whites in similar shades of white, warm whites, gray, warm grays, etc. Use patterns, textures and a mixture of materials in similar white hues to create a room that has depth and interest. This, more than anything, works well in bedrooms. Textiles, an upholstered headboard, window treatments and bedding can all work together in harmony in varying shades of tone-on-tone white varieties.

WHITE CAN MAKE YOUR INTERIOR VERSATILE White creates a canvas for you to decorate in different ways all year around. Whether you enjoy to cater in autumn with gorgeous rustic tones of red, yellow, and burnt umber or change to bright colors and pastels in spring, an all-white interior gives you the versatility and flexibility to change at a moment’s notice! Change out accent rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, bed linen to create a seasonal home that is adaptable and welcoming all year around. In summer time an all-white interior is cool and refreshing and may not need seasonal colors at all.

BRING COLOR INTO YOUR ROOM TO HIGHLIGHT WHITE BATHROOM FEATURES Nothing says “Wow” like an eye-catching color amongst an ocean of white interior walls in a bathroom. A white bathtub, sink basin and flooring can look striking against any color that adds presence and splash to the eye. Red mosaic tile, teal and aqua glass tiles, or even a monochromatic metallic steel tile accent wall will make any all-white bathroom look sophisticated and worldly!

USE WHITE TO MAKE ALL THE “BLEMISHES” GO AWAY And finally, white can also work like an eraser in your interiors. Whether your home has some architectural mishaps, exposed mechanical ducts, or overhead hideous blemishes in the drywall – white can camouflage the eyesores. In older homes, white can help highlight gorgeous crown molding and craftsman details can be highlighted with beautiful white. Transform your home by using all-white interiors and see how comfort is closer than you once thought!

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