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"Our Rugs Are Responsibly Made"

Our Story

A collection of rugs. Inspired by a deep appreciation for weaving. Rugberry was founded in Delhi, India. Defined by its Indian heritage and international aesthetics Rugberry offers timeless products for modern interiors. The company takes pride in excellent craftsmanship, high quality and sustainable focus.

Our rugs help keep a timeless artisan legacy alive.

Our rugs are crafted by hand for an enduring beauty and impeccable quality that promises to age gracefully over time. Each intricate knot and weave is a gesture in patience, honouring the raw integrity of natural materials and a sustainable tradition of timeworn processes. This painstaking craftsmanship results in an authentic rug with the rigour to accompany you through the moments that matter, from one generation to the next.

We stand for sustainability in action.

We are getting used to seeing images of plastic washing up on shores and turning into mountains of trash everywhere in the daily news. With a problem this big, it calls for clever solutions. Because plastic can be more than waste. With the help of specialized technology, we have created a series of textiles made entirely from used plastic bottles. This way, you get incredibly durable textiles while helping clean up the oceans.

Work Environment

Rugberry maintains the norms of Labour Act / Factories Act, for the benefit of our employees, and very strictly ensure that no child labour is ever used at any stage of our production and thus are a member of Goodweave and Care & Fair.

In-house Weaving Centres

All of our rugs are produced in an inhouse facility which are certified by government bodies to ensure that during the entire chain of production, basic parameters are maintained.